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5 More Minutes is a Finnish game studio, founded in 2015 by industry veterans from TeacherGaming, the company behind MinecraftEdu & KerbalEdu. 5 More Minutes aims to create original, high quality games that can be both played at home and utilized as a part of formal education. Combining entertainment and educational DNA, our games leverage the benefits of playing at home and at school.

We proudly present

Nuts 'n' Bolts

Entertainment games that also educate

Nuts ‘n’ Bolts is a story driven puzzle adventure with strong characters young players want to play with. The game offers both single player and safe multiplayer experiences.

But what happens in the background when you play?

We all know that players learn a lot when they play. In NaB the players learn computational thinking through target skills being part of the core game mechanics. Player’s motive is to get better in the game and in the required problem solving skills at the same time.

Teacher as a game master adding value to the player’s experience

NaB offers not only cross-platform, but also cross-context play where time spent at school brings value to hours spent at home. All time is traced to a global Learning Analytics Engine (LAE) that give the teacher, or parent, valuable analytics on what the player is learning and how they are playing.

More to come. Stay tuned!

Meet The Nerds


Santeri Koivisto


Aleksi Postari


Mikael Uusi-Mäkelä

Project Manager

Marko Kärkelä

Lead Developer

Joonas Pauni

3D & Design

Johanna Kantanen


Carl Syrén


Pertti Reponen

Business Developer

Toni Paavola


Raido Roomets


Nico Heinonen


Michael Thaddeus

Lead Game Designer

Naksu Kihlakaski


Johanna Puustinen

Media & Communications